We are affiliated from many companies with world-wide reputations and are supplying various kinds of machines and spare parts with best quality and competitive price.

The details will be as follows :

(A) Drilling Rigs and Tunnel machines from Soilmec S.P.A.
      ( www.soilmec.com )
: A-312/200, SR-20, SR-40, SR-70, SR-90, ST-30,
       ST-120, SM-21, SF-70, SF-120, auger, bucket, hammer grab. H.P Pump

(B) Oil/Gas exploration/workover machines from Drillmec S.P.A.
      ( www.drillmec.it )
: Mobile Rig MR-3500, MR-4000, MR-8000,
      Hydraulic Hoist Drilling Rig HH-100, HH-200, HH-300
      Mud Pump 9T-1000

(C) Drilling and Soil Investigations from YBM Co., Ltd.( www.ybm.jp )
      : Drilling machine YBM-3JR, YBM-6, YBM-15, Pump GP-120II,
      Rotary Vibration Drill ECO-13V,

(D) Water Hammer and Bits from Wassara AB ( www.wassara.com )
      : Hammer W 50, W 80 HD, W 100, W 150 , Bits, Pump.

(E) Vibratory Hammers from International Construction Equipment BV
      ( www.ice-bv.nl )
: EM, B, RFB, SH, RFSH series.

(F) Vibratory Hammers from Piling & Vibro Equipment
      ( www.pve-holland.com )

(G) Hydraulic Drifters from EURODRILL GmbH ( www.eurodrill.de)
      : Drifters HD 5012, HD 5012-3, HD 8021, HD 8032

(H) Submersible Pumps and Dredgers for Dredging and Grouting works from
       Dragflow S.r.l. (www.dragflow.it)

(I) Modular Floating Construction System like Jack-up Barges from Combifloat BV.

(J) Heavy Equipments ( brand new.Used)
      : Excavaiors, Loaders, Dozer, Lifter made by Hyundai, Daewoo ( Doosan ) Samsung (Volvo), Halla

(K) Drilling Bits from BETEK GmbH & Co. KG (www.betek.de)

(L) Heavy Equipments Parts
      : Hyundai, Daewoo ( Doosan ) Samsung ( Volvo ). Halla

(M) The marine and industrial Lifting/Transporting/Handling Equipment specialist
       ASCOM S.P.A. (www.ascom-italy.it) : Boat Hoists - BHT/ATS, Straddle Carriers -
      CLS, Automatic Handling Systems - Overhead and Rail Gantry Cranes, Mobile Boat
      Trailer - ABI Trailers.